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Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. ( and the German state owned DEG (German Investment and Development Company) (, have launched this pilot project. Together with the Hainan Normal College several expeditions have been started to document the Hainan flora. The program is welcomed by the local and national administration.

From their daily experience, BIFLORATM's initiators at Bicoll Shanghai are familiar with the severe environmental situation in East Asia. A typical example is the Hainan area - an island located in the southernmost of China. It is part of the larger Indo-Burma's biodiversity region, with a high percentage of endemic plants. Only 1.3% of the island's landscape is protected.
In addition, almost none of the plants are documented via photographs of the real object. I.e. an effective identification of the species is often not possible. A difficult situation for researchers or especially for students with only basic experience. Through the growing BIFLORATM database all the necessary information will be provided to improve not only research work but also to devise protective strategies.

Due to the lack of involvement of the local population in protective efforts in this area, the BIFLORATM initiators work on ways to engage them. The goal is to make local stakeholders realize the value of a sustainable use of the nature surrounding and the importance of protecting their unique and fragile environment. In order to achieve this, training programs and incentives were generated for local people. Thus they are able to contribute to the biodiversity protection process locally.
Through the mapping of the entire region not only the interested authorities and decision makers will have access to accurate data. Based on new reliable information, this knowledge could easily show a need for a legal protection of more of the area's biodiversity and a more careful use of its natural resources.

The pilot project was first launched by a joint project of Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and the German state owned DEG (German Investment and Development Company). The initial investment for the launch was 100 000 €. Together with the local academic institutions this knowledge is supposed to find its way from the academic environment to the common population in further programs.
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