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Time is running out
The rate of extinction of species has increased over the last years due to the decrease of our planet's original habitat. The expansion of human civilization and its carelessness with valuable natural resources has been the cause of a "species genocide" which will eventually lead to the extinction of much of the Earth's biological diversity (or short: "biodiversity").

Think global - act local
The majority of "biodiversity hotspots" are situated in developing countries, like for example the P.R. China. Unfortunately, these regions had little means to benefit from their biological riches, and thus not sufficient political leverage and economic motivation to protect their original environment.
Much of the biochemical and economic know-how for a responsible use of biological information is only available in industrialized countries. But the "first world" society is in a relative meager position from a biodiversity perspective. Only a minor amount of earth's biodiversity is found in developed society's areas. A common behaviour is, that these societies are more interested in cheap access to natural resources in developing countries rather than protect them. As a result, there are none or only little efforts to protect the species on earth from extinction.
It's the developing countries themselves, that must find ways to protect their unique local habitat.
With the BIFLORATM project local Chinese companies are responsible for all business, organization and documentation, so that the regions and the local people will benefit from the direct financial return. Therefore the BIFLORATM project is unique!
If you would like to support these exceptional local activities of the BIFLORATM database project and find more information about it, please click here: support BIFLORATM.
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